Configuring Vimium-C bindings for BÉPO

Vimium-C is a browser extension for using Vim-like bindings while surfing. Let’s see how we can configure it for the BÉPO keyboard layout.

BÉPO is a French-focused keyboard layout. Every key binding in programs need to be refined because the usual keybindings are more or less accessible. This is especially true for vim-like software, where HJKL becomes CTSR.

Custom key mappings

Like in vim, the first step is to unbind the default key mappings, in order to redefine them with a more ergonomic disposition:

# Scrolling

unmap j
unmap k
unmap h
unmap l

unmap t
#unmap s
#unmap c
unmap r

map t scrollDown
map s scrollUp
map c scrollLeft
map r scrollRight

# History
unmap H
unmap L
#unmap C
unmap R

map C goBack
map R goForward

# Tabs
unmap J
unmap K
unmap T
#unmap S

map T previousTab
map S nextTab