Status update, July 2021

No status update since a long time (almost a year), mainly because of a lot of personal challenges. But now is the time to go back on the status update habit!

This kind of article is used to keep track of what I have achieved over the course of the last month-or-so. Why keeping track? Because it is a nice way to remind me that I have not been that lazy during the month. And also because it may make you reader find interesting software or problems from my contribution list.

Rust work

Maintainance tasks:

After fixing these GTK Rust crates, I stumbled upon the new glade-bindgen crate. This crate pushes the concept of gladis further: it automatically generate structs containing all of the Gtk widgets, from the source *.ui files.

This approach is even more attractive than the gladis approach I took some time ago. It would be nice for this crate to reach a certain level of maturity. To this intent, I have proposed two (now merged) pull-requests to this crate:

Next contributions I would like to make is to make the README a little bit sexier, as well as applying the rustfmt automatic formating tool on the autogenerated * files.

Debian work

Debian has been in the freeze state for quite some time now. No new packages allowed. The NEW queue is filling up. This is the reason why I did not spend time creating or improving new packages for now.

Now that the Full Freeze has been announced, I may start to look back at contributing. At least push all of my waiting packages into testing.

I am also somewhat interested in finishing the packaging of the opentracker software (discussion started in 2012!). I use it extensively, but was surprised that it was not available in the Debian archive.


Some blog posts are under redaction at the time I am writing this update. They still need some refinement, but are expected to be published in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!