Articles tagged with debian

  • Status update, November 2021

    Winter is coming. Let’s see what has been achieved during the last ~30 days. As before, this status update is written from a local coffee. Let’s try to keep this monthly habbit!

  • Status update, October 2021

    Leaves are falling, and so have been articles! Let’s see what other things have been achieved this month.

  • Status update, July 2021

    No status update since a long time (almost a year), mainly because of a lot of personal challenges. But now is the time to go back on the status update habit!

  • My very first non-maintainer upload to Debian

    This morning, I got the pleasure to receive a mail from Debian FTP masters. In this email, my NMU (non-maintainer upload) for a package that had a bug with IPv6 handling is mentioned. The package upload is "ACCEPTED into unstable". How did I get there?