Status update, August 2021

Let's see what has been accomplished during these (rather cold) summer months.

Rust work


I have proposed serveral pull-requests for the glade-bindgen Rust crate:

They all got merged. I am interested into this crate because it is pushing a step further what I managed to do with my gladis crate: automatically integrate GTK *.ui XML interface files with Rust code seamlessly.


Regarding gladis itself, I have:

By this reciprocal example introduction, I hope that gladis will be more visible and help developers simplify their Relm use with UI files. When comparing the previous example with the new one, the gains are clear.

Next step would be to do the same for the relm4 crate for GTK4 (and it has a nice logo now).


Finally, I have created a new crate: debcontrol_struct.

This crate uses a proc macro to derive named structs and automatically allow them to be read from a Debian control file. Not only debian/control, but any file that uses this mail-inspired key: value syntax.

The provided example is used to parse the beginning of the debian/copyright file that also uses the control syntax.

Debian work


I have packaged the opentracker package for Debian. I had to write few patches in order to make it work as intented. I proposed the patches back to upstream as usual — via direct email for this one — and they got merged pretty quickly into the main branch!

Here are two patches for the curious:

  1. Makefile: install to DESTDIR; and
  2. Fix typo priviliges -> privileges.

I also wrote a man page for the software, by looking at how other man pages were redacted, as well as opentracker's --help output. I have sent the man page to upstream, but got no answer (yet).


Regarding my other packages, I updated python-strictyaml from 1.3.2 to 1.4.4 on Salsa, leaving it for the Python Team to review while I do not have push rights, but…

DM application

…Last, but not least, I have started to apply as a Debian Maintainer to be a part of the team, after something like a year of contributing to the project. I hope that this will succeed, in order to be able to update my packages without requiring the review of another Debian Developer each time.

Wish me success!