Status update, November 2021

Winter is coming. Let’s see what has been achieved during the last ~30 days. As before, this status update is written from a local coffee. Let’s try to keep this monthly habbit!


I discovered and installed Vimium-FF, after reading about it on a thread on an alternative hacker news browser. It is awesome.

The default key mapping is for the QWERTY layout. I had to reconfigure it for the BÉPO keyboard layout that I am using.

Caveats: shortcuts do not work in reader mode. It is a shame because this makes me switch back to arrow keys to scroll through reading material instead of using the ergonomic HJKL keys (well, CTSR in bépo).

Project Euler

In quest of intellectual stimulation, I have started to participate in the Project Euler online challenges. I already participated when I was a student, but only made it through the 10 first because of time scarity. I participated in Python at the time, which caused some performance challenges as I was bruteforcing some solutions.

This time I am participating in my favorite programming language for non-scripting usage: Rust. The great performance and functional constructions available (generators, filters, …) make it an ideal choice for implementing the algorithms. Pencil and paper are valuable as well for constructing the final solution.

Debian work

New gftools release

I am trying to bring the new gftools release to Debian, but the new required dependencies cannot be ported because PEP-517/518 are not supported yet.

As more and more Python packages that I need to package are blocked because of this issue, it may be the time to take a break from packaging Python packages in Debian for me. Especially since the NEW queue is full again, so packages uploaded today may arrive in unstable in months anyways.

I have trouble of keeping track of bug dependencies between my different ITPs. I managed to create graphviz diagrams of the dependencies by querying the Ultimate Debian Database with some Python scripts. However this is still very manual. I hope this idea can gain some traction in the community, but I need to find energy to promote it.

Notion dashboard

I created myself a dashboard on Notion, a SaaS product that I wanted to try given the hype it recently received in the tech scene. The idea is to track the progress of (most of) my ongoing Debian packages that are not available in unstable yet.

For this, I have created a set of columns that directly represents the states of the packages in my own interpretation of the Debian delivery process:

Screenshot of the Notion dashboard

This is not optimal and manually updated. But I think there is an idea behind this that could be explored. Maybe oneday I will pursue down this rabbit hole and create myself an automatic dashboard.


Ekde kvar semanaj mi lernas la esperanton. Mi estas komencanto. La lingvo estas facile. Mi usas DuoLingon kaj esperantan vortaron. Fojfoje mi usas "Google Translate" pro konfirmiĝi mian vortumijn. Mi ŝatas la esperanton pli ol la hispanon, kiu mi lernis al liceo.

Eble mi skribos esperantajn artiklojn se mi ŝatas la lingvo ankoraŭ. Sed sur otro blogo, ĉar ĝi blogo estas nur pro la teknikajn artiklojn en angla.

Ĝis la revido!