Status update, January 2022

Let’s hope for the best for this new year. I think that compaired to the last two, it will be refreshening and full of possibilities — with the perspective of the global pandemic finally coming to an end.


I take the “adopt new resolutions on a new year” thing quite seriously — even if it seems unpopular these days for some reason that I ignore. Changing habits is a hard thing, and January the 1st of every year, one gets the occasion to kickstart new things.

I will not detail every change that I will start to make this year in this small update. Still, some of them are described in this article and some others will come in later publications. This looks like a teasing indeed, so stay tuned!

Debian work

Here is one resolution for this new year: reduce my Debian involvement to the parts that I enjoy the most.

Last year, on multiple times, I have found myself creating or maintaining packages that did not bring me direct usefulness in my day to day developer life. When something becomes a burden — and you do it on your free time — you should seek to stop the burden and do something that brings you satisfaction instead.

From now, this is the philosophy that I will try to stick to concerning my Debian involvment on my free time.

This means that I will stop working on the following packages:

They were packaged by mistake: I misread a dependency name in a package, and yak-shaving led me to package these as sub-dependencies.

I wanted to “archive” the Git repositories on Salsa, but I could not find the corresponding option in the “Settings/Advanced” section of the Gitlab interface ; the repositories will probably stay as-is for now.


Concerning this blog:

  • Updated pelican to the latest 4.7.1 release. This release contains my pull request for automatically starting the brower when writing an article.
  • Migrated rudimentary requirements.txt dependency tracking to Poetry, using pyproject.toml and poetry.lock.


I am still actively learning Esperanto, but failing to use it in real-life situations (online or offline). Still, this little mental challenge is nice to have. I think that when the COVID-19 pandemic situation will have chilled — hopefully soon with this Ο-variant [1] — I will look forward to meet IRL people in order to speak the “lingvo” out loud.

Final thoughs

One of the other resolutions is to — as every year — write a little bit more on this very blog. It is first and foremost a tool that I use to empty my mind and clarify subjects that I find interresting. And, as a byproduct, a publication platform that can be read by others.

I have so many ideas of things to try this year, so, as always, see you soon!

[1]Yes, this is a real “omicron” greek leter. Thanks BÉPO for letting me access so many fancy symbols.