• My very first non-maintainer upload to Debian

    This morning, I got the pleasure to receive a mail from Debian FTP masters. In this email, my NMU (non-maintainer upload) for a package that had a bug with IPv6 handling is mentioned. The package upload is "ACCEPTED into unstable". How did I get there?

  • Using and extending the {attach} directive in Pelican

    When you use a static website generator, managing images is hard. Especially when you are regularly writing content and adding new pictures — like on this blog. Hopefully, the Pelican static generator has a special directive that we can use (and extend?) to regroup images in each articles' folders.

  • Status update, August 2020

    Let’s have a look at what has been accomplished during the last 4 weeks: a lot of Rust work, and some meta upgrades.

  • Status update, July 2020

    Let's recap what has been acomplished since last time, as this month I have had the opportunity to work on more things that I would have thought of. Discussed topics: Rustwork, Scaleway vs. Hertzner and bonus meta script.

  • Status update, June 2020

    Here is the very first status update of the blog. I think these kind of updates can help me to look at what has been achieved at the middle of the month and also lay the ground for the upcoming challenges.

  • Hello, world!

    After 6 years of blogging in my native language, it is time for me to switch to a new English-only publication medium, ie. this very new blog.

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