• Git Pre-Commit Hook for Rust Projects

    Having a CI system is very convenient to ensure that your project contains no bugs. But running tests locally before pushing is also a great solution. By running tests before every commit, we ensure that each of them is working independently (as they should).

  • Status update, July 2021

    No status update since a long time (almost a year), mainly because of a lot of personal challenges. But now is the time to go back on the status update habit!

  • Generating 64bit and 128bit unique identifiers with Python

    I have recently learned that YouTube was using random unique IDs for videos using base64 encoding of 64 bit integers. This leads to more readable URLs than using 128 bit UUIDs for the same purpose. Let’s try to generate these identifiers with our favorite prototyping language: Python!

  • Debian Bug Squashing Party: Salzburg 2021 virtual edition

    During April 24th and 25th, the Debian Bug Squashing Party (BSP) planned in Salzburg, Austria was held virtual. During this event, various Debian contributors grouped together and try to fix all of the release critical bugs for the next stable release, Bullseye. Let’s see how things went.

  • My very first non-maintainer upload to Debian

    This morning, I got the pleasure to receive a mail from Debian FTP masters. In this email, my NMU (non-maintainer upload) for a package that had a bug with IPv6 handling is mentioned. The package upload is "ACCEPTED into unstable". How did I get there?

  • Using and extending the {attach} directive in Pelican

    When you use a static website generator, managing images is hard. Especially when you are regularly writing content and adding new pictures — like on this blog. Hopefully, the Pelican static generator has a special directive that we can use (and extend?) to regroup images in each articles' folders.

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