Status update, September 2021

Now that we finally had some (late) sun, let’s see how things have been.

Rust work

I spend too much time trying to figure out how to center images in files. Not only on, but also on To this purpose, I dug into the source code of the latter to see how I could make image centering work.

At first, I though the correct syntax was:

<img src="" alt="" align="center">

I proposed a PR (pull request) to the upstream project, introducing a new unit test to make sure that this usecase will be documented are guaranteed to keep working in the future. After getting this merged, I actually tested to center an image in a crate and push it to And the image was not centered. Dumb me. I should have tried this first.

Digging a little bit more, the correct syntax to center images both on and was:

<p align="center">
    <img src="" alt="">

After republishing to, this now seems to work. The image is centered. Now push to check for Centered too! Time to send a fix to upstream in order to really test that image centering will be supported in the future.

What a journey. Next time I will remember to test my changes before annoying upstream with a double PR instead of one.


I have started to play with cargo-release in order to try to automate my crate deployements. Indeed, most of my crates are making use of proc macros. They are architectured like this:

Both crates live in the same repository, using a cargo workspace to group them. The crates use the same version release number. However, I manually need to bump the versions in different files on each release. This is where cargo-release helps.

I am however still having trouble in trying to adapt this tool to my workflow. However I hope that I will be able to make it work, as I have currently 3 crates that are using this dual main/macro crates mechanism.

Debian work

DM application

My Debian Maintainer application, which I was happy to brag about in the previous status update, has stalled.

I managed to get my OpenPGP key signed in-person by sharing beers with a DD (Debian Developer) in Paris. However this was not enough to conclude the application. I still needed to find an advocate, that is a person that thinks my technical contributions are strong enough to be let done without further babysitting.

I now need to provide with more signed, irreprochable work before gathering enough street cred to propose my application again.

Stay tuned!